2021级2021年银行业杰出领袖奖表彰帮助塑造本国银行和/或我国银行业的现任和前任银行业领袖. 在位于麦迪逊的WBA总部大楼的卓越之墙上,可以看到表彰这些银行家的牌匾.

The Wall of 卓越 is prominently featured in WBA’s new Engagement Center, 当他们每年参加在那里举办的各种会议和培训项目时,成千上万的银行家会在哪里看到他们. 每位获奖者的牌匾上的信息,让今天的银行家得以一窥那些帮助电子游戏炫酷财神app的行业发展到今天的人.

On Friday, October 29, 2021, a ceremony was held to honor the 2021 class.

Jon BernanderJon Bernander

Jon Bernander has dedicated over four decades of service to Wisconsin’s banking industry. He began his career at ITT Thorp, where he worked for five years. 1983年,他作为商业信贷员加入了Bank of Wisconsin dell,并迅速晋升为高级信贷员. In 2006 Jon was promoted to president/CEO and chairman of the board. At the end of 2020 he retired as CEO and continues to serve as chairman of the board.

威斯康辛戴尔银行的员工和他们的家人一直是乔恩的头等大事. He is known for helping young bankers develop their careers, 哪一种方式是他所展示的关系建立和社区银行本质的众多方式之一.

琼恩一直以当地扶轮社的成员身分参与威斯康辛戴尔社区, president of the Colonial Apartments senior housing facility, 圣. 克莱尔基金会, 威斯康辛戴尔访客和会议局的前董事会成员和财务主管. He served on the 威斯康辛州电子游戏炫酷财神app Board from 2009–2012.

Jon职业生涯中的一项主要成就是他在大型水上公园度假村贷款的发展中所扮演的角色,以及威斯康星州社区银行网络的形成,这些银行参与了威斯康星州和全国各地的许多信贷. 他接受了威斯康星戴尔和德尔顿湖的创业精神,并在使该地区成为今天的旅游目的地方面发挥了重要作用.


罗伯特Gorsuch began his career in banking in 1964 at First National Bank & 信托有限公司. in Marquette Michigan, where he served as cashier and vice president. 1975年,他来到威斯康星州,担任Park Bank的总裁兼首席执行官. 2000年,鲍勃在菲奇堡创办了橡树银行.

Through his innovative banking style and involvement in programs throughout 社区, Bob has not only provided clients with top-notch services, 专业知识, 和技术, but he’s also demonstrated the true meaning of community service. Bob has been 财务主管 for several church organizations, 南麦迪生扶轮社社长, 威斯康辛州社区银行的总裁, 也是WBA董事会成员. Bob was recognized in 1990 by CBW as “银行家 of the Year.他参与了青少年糖尿病研究基金会(JDRF),并在菲奇堡新经济技术团队任职, contributed to the Wisconsin Academically Challenged and Talented Youth organization, and is the longest-serving bank CEO in Madison and Fitchburg. 他于2015年入选WBA 50年俱乐部.

在鲍勃的领导下, 橡树银行已经从2000年的一个想法发展成为一个拥有40名员工、价值4.2亿美元的社区银行. 橡树银行支持当地企业的发展, helps area residents achieve their home ownership dreams, 并为菲奇堡市及其周边地区的发展和繁荣发挥了重要作用. Bob has realized his vision to create a community bank that positively impacts

正如玛丽玛丽L. 正如

玛丽L. 正如, former Chairman of the Board at The Stephenson National Bank & 信任(SNBT) Marinette, has been a lifelong community leader and an avid proponent of the banking industry. In 1973, 她在SNBT成立了信托部门, shortly after earning her law degree from Marquette University in 1971. 在六年内(1979年),她被任命为该银行的第一位女性总裁和董事会主席, carrying out this role until her retirement in 2013. The bank grew from $27 million to $300 million in assets under her leadership.

玛丽担任过M&M Area 社区 Foundation founding board member and past president, Twin Counties’ Free Clinic founder and past 财务主管, 马里内特医疗保健基金会创始人, 和Clothes Vault创始人. 她过去的其他服务包括:圣家庭教区和绿湾天主教教区财务委员会, 马里内特县律师协会, 玛丽山学院的董事会, Dean’s Advisory Board of Marquette University Law School, 和WBA董事会. In 1997, 玛丽被威斯康辛州最高法院任命为威斯康辛州律师考试委员会的主席,并于2002年成为其主席. 在2002年和2003年,她被两个不同的地区商会评为年度人物.

Mary encouraged SNBT staff to share their abilities with area community organizations, 和玛丽L. 正如 WINGS(慷慨服务的杰出个人)奖由SNBT每年颁发给体现玛丽所代表的无私价值观的员工.


约翰·戈弗雷汤姆森, 众所周知的Gof, worked for more than 30 years at The Bank of New Glarus, making lifelong connections and positively impacting Wisconsin’s banking industry.

Gof is a graduate of Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa. He received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Minnesota. 他曾在美国服役.S. 作为军法署军官的海军预备役.

Gof在1990年代任职于美国独立社区电子游戏炫酷财神app(ICBA)的董事会. He was chair of ICBA’s Regulatory Review Committee for several of those years. In addition, he served on ICBA’s Long-Term Planning and Nominating Committees. He was a Board member and president of ICBA Reinsurance. 他参与了威斯康星州社区银行家(CBW)和威斯康星州电子游戏炫酷财神app的许多方面. Gof从1993年到1994年担任CBW的总裁,并在1999年被CBW评为“年度银行家”.

在他的社区, 他是New Glarus Lions的成员(1990-1991年和2020-2021年担任总裁),并积极参与New Glarus Chamber of Commerce, 威廉告诉游戏, 绿色县城建设. He has served on the Clean Wisconsin Board for nearly 30 years, 轮到他当总统了, 财务主管, 执行委员会成员.

Gof loves the political scene, occasionally mustering for public office. 2004年,他竞选威斯康辛州议会的一个席位,这一经历使他谦卑. 他发现,他的社区银行家伙伴之间的友谊和共同价值观是最重要的,而各自的政治立场是次要的.

梅林Zitzner梅林E. Zitzner

梅林Zitzner did not set out with the dream of becoming a banker. In fact, his parents never wanted him to leave the farm in Viroqua. 他曾在美国服役.S. 军队, 就读于威斯康辛州立大学白水分校, and graduated in 1969 with a major in finance and a minor in economics. He planned to work for a farm machinery manufacturer. In 1969, a job offer from the Continental Bank of Chicago took him to Chicago, 他报道东海岸的地方.

In 1972, he returned to small-town Wisconsin and The Baraboo
National Bank, now Baraboo State Bank, where he helped to save the bank from being sold. 在1975年的一场悲剧发生后, Merlin stepped up at the age of 34 to become the 11th president of the bank. Under his guidance, the bank has grown from $30 million to over $500 million in assets.

In 1976, 由梅林掌舵, 商业领袖们创建了索克县经济发展公司(SCDC),以帮助索克县在獾军弹药厂关闭后实现经济多元化, a staple in the Baraboo and Sauk County communities. Merlin served as the SCDC Board president for 26 years. 梅林是索克县电子游戏炫酷财神app的前任主席,1995年被CBW评为“年度银行家”. Merlin served on the WBA Board of Directors from 2007-2010.

The legacy he built in banking and in local organizations continues today.