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  For $12 I couldn’t be happier. We used it for a child’s bug collection. At first I was confused because I didn’t read the description as well as I should have. It is not foam on the inside or anything you can push a needle into. It is a soft polyester fill that is meant to set the items on and then when you put on the lid, it presses the item into the fill material. For our purposes, I found it incredibly useful because that pressure spread the wings of several insects nicely without having to pin anything down. For labeling the insects, I did not trust that the labels wouldn’t move around in the box if banged, so I just used some Elmer’s glue to hold those in place. All in all, it looks really nice and the bugs seem to stay in place without any problems. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the polyester fill initially stuck to the glass out of the box and as others have mentioned the box is just a very rigid cardboard material. That said, it was a great box for my purposes and felt quite sturdy.

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  My son loves the shirt. It works well for him and helps protect his elbows.

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